Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Wolverine KINECT EXPERIENCE: Be His Claws!

July 16, 2013

Thanks to Ms. Stephanie Mayo, I was given an invitation by 20th Century Fox to attend an event that would give one the virtual experience of being the Wolverine himself!

The invitation goes ...

"To celebrate the release of this summer’s biggest international blockbuster THE WOLVERINE, 20thCentury Fox International are bringing Wolverine to life with BE THE WOLVERINE, a unique Kinect experience that allows users to take part in an out- of-home interactive adventure.

The experience allows fans the opportunity to ‘become’ one of the most iconic MARVEL characters, through simulated Wolverine fighting moves atop a speeding bullet train, whilst travelling through Tokyo. By slicing through obstacles and defending themselves from ninja attacks, fans will experience a virtual thrill ride, based on an exhilarating scene from the upcoming film, THE WOLVERINE.

BE THE WOLVERINE uses Kinect technology to register when fans walk by, scanning and activating a hologram to attract and invite interaction. On completing the experience, fans then have the opportunity to share a photo of them taking part via Facebook."


This event was organized by Robinsons Moviewolrd in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, Pepsi, and Magic 89.9.  The lobby of the Robinsons Movie World in the Galleria had a cocktail set-up ready by 3:30 pm.  Promptly at 4 pm, the food tables were opened to the guests.  Since this Wolverine film was set in Japan, the food served was Japanese courtesy of Yoshinoya and Miso-Ten. There was even an open Sake bar at the other end.  

There was a model wearing a Wolverine costume who was very game in his snarling Wolverine poses with his claws.  There was another guy in a Silver Samurai costume, whose clogs were so high, he can't really move too much.

The program proper was emceed by DJ Pat, the early morning jock of Magic 89.9.  He began talking about the Wolverine movie and of course, the Kinect Wolverine game.  Moviegoers who decide to watch Wolverine in Robinsons MovieWorld theaters in Metro Manila in the next two weeks can also play this interactive game absolutely free. The schedule of when the game will be in which mall is as follows:

What is more exciting is that Robinsons Movie World is giving  fans a chance to win one of five XBox360g Kinect consoles!  All they need to do is to buy "The Wolverine" movie tickets with any 16 oz. Pepsi drink from the Cinema Snack Express.

Guests were then invited to try out and play the Kinect interactive game.  DJ Pat was hilarious trying to give play-by-play annotations of the fighting techniques of the various guests.  

I was reluctant at first, but since I did not know anybody at the event (or so I thought), I gave it a try too!  It was not that hard actually.  You just need to keep your arms clawing in front of you knocking down signboards and fighting villains.  The relentless clawing motion eventually took its toll on my upper arms.  It was exhausting!  Anyway, I reached a score of 1.6M+. Not bad.  I got an premium Wolverine bottle opener for my efforts.  My arms still feel sore up to now! 

Here is Wolverine himself doing his own Kinect game.  He got less than 1M points.

There was a bit of a disappointment for me at the end of the event when they announced who were the Top 5 scorers. When they announced that the Number 5 scorer only got a 1.3M+, I thought my score would be among the Top 5.  But then they seemed to have totally missed my score in the recording, so that was too bad.  Would have liked to have won that Wolverine movie poster for my kids.  Bummer.  But hey, that's life.  I was trying to be like Wolverine, but it seems I was the Invisible Man instead.  Haha!


Actually there is an embarrassing epilogue to my Kinect experience today, about a video shown on the tv news tonight. Some texted me, and someone announced it on my FB wall!  All the while I thought I was anonymously doing my own thing there at the mall.  Now it seemed it had been broadcast on national TV. So it seems I was not Invisible Man after all.  Yikes!

Well, anyway, that is that.  I did not see it.  No one in my house saw it.  That's for the best.  That video would never be shown on TV again anyway. I naively hope.  Nah.

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