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Recapping "Game of Thrones" Season 3 (Part 2, Episodes 4-6)

May 7, 2013

My recaps for Season 3 Episodes 1-3 were posted HERE.

Episode 4 "And Now His Watch Has Ended"

Jamie Lannister is expectedly in deep depression after his shocking loss in the ending of the last episode. But ironically Brienne was there to encourage him to get on.

The eunuch Lord Varys was in three important scenes this episode. One with Tyrion where they talk about a sorcerer, and he shows Tyrion what he kept inside an old chest. He learns from Ros about Littlefinger's interest in Sansa Stark. And finally, he visits Lady Olenna and have a witty conversation leading to a solution to subvert Littlefinger's grand plans.

Margaery Tyrell shows us how she has King Joffrey wrapped around her finger. In another scene, she tell us what her plans for Sansa are. This girl is a very interesting character to watch. 

Cersei Lannister on the other hand tried to convince her father Tywin that she is the most loyal of all his children. But Tywin, as he did with Tyrion, tells her "I don't distrust you because you are a woman. I distrust you because you are not as smart as you think you are." Ouch. Kudos to Tywin for knowing his kids so well.

Theon Greyjoy's unexpected savior in the last episode turns out to have a bigger surprise for him in this episode. 

The daughter-raping, grandson-killing Craster finally gets what he deserves as pandemonium breaks in his house. Samwell does something right for a change and takes his girlfriend who just gave birth and her son out of there. 

Saving the best for last, Danaerys gave us the biggest and best scene of all. She elegantly gets her revenge on the cruel Krasnys and gets her own loyal army, all while keeping all her children intact with her. This promises more exciting episodes ahead indeed.

Episode 5 "Kissed by Fire"

This is an episode where Game of Thrones brings back the sex factor Season One was also known for, with both female and male nudity here. Ygritte seduces Jon Snow out of his furs, and his vow of celibacy. Yet Jon suprisingly has skills that impress the more experienced girl. Jamie Lannister talks to Brienne about his family while soaking nude in a hot tub. But is septic shock getting the better of him? While Margaery is busy making her brother Loras attractive to Sansa, Loras is in bed with a squire named Oliver.

Elsewhere, Arya Stark discovers that the Brotherhood can not only fight with fiery swords (not too well though), they also have magical resurrection skills. Rickard Karstark kills the Lannister boy hostages, and King Robb has to deliver his judgement in cold steel. Danaerys meets the leader of The Unsullied, and he decides not to change his name Grey Worm. We meet Stannis Baratheon's strange real wife and plucky daughter with the scaly face and his dead sons preserved in bottles. Olenna agrees to foot half of the bill of the royal wedding. (This Diana Rigg can really steal any scene she is in!) Petyr Baelish Littlefinger is being as sneaky as he always had been.

But again, the best scene was left for last with another Lannister family table discussion. Tywin announces his plans not only for Tyrion, but also for Cersei too. Very interesting situation at the end where we might wind up with three, instead of one wedding. With kids like them, I somehow worry about Tywin though.

Episode 6 "The Climb"

Despite the big title, this episode did not really reach higher heights from the explosive episode 5. This was another episode where new tensions were built up in preparation for bigger events to follow. Also, any episode without Danaerys tends to underwhelm, doesn't it?

Two memorable scenes. First involving Tywin Lannister and Lady Olenna Tyrell discussing wedding plans and family secrets which apparently common knowledge. Second involves Tyrion confronting Cersei if Joffrey ordered to have him killed during the last battle. Seeing Brienne in a pink gown or hearing Shae answer "I'm sure he does" when Sansa tells her Loras likes green and gold brocade were just as memorable too. Haha!

In other events, it is interesting to see what Melisandre plans to do with Gendry or what her ominous reading of Anya's future in her eyes means. How bad can the daughters of Walder Frey look like that the hapless Edmure Tully seems so repulsed by the idea of marrying one of them? What really did Tyrion tell Sansa that was not shown to us? Whose leaving ship was that Sansa was crying after? 

The episode title "The Climb" was literally shown with the Wildlings with Jon Snow and Ygritte climbing a monumental wall of snow and ice, to return Jon to the world he once knew. Yet, symbolically, it also refers to the scene where Petyr tells Varys that Chaos is a ladder that many climb and fail. This was a dramatically shot scene with swelling music, but I am not completely sure what climbing chaos meant.

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