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Recapping "Game of Thrones" Season 3 (Part 3, Episodes 7-8)

May 23, 2013

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Episode 7 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

This episode gives time to practically ALL the major characters. In this episode with many important scenes, there are three main highlights:

Tywin Lannister gets the scene of the week when he effectively puts "King" Joffrey into his proper place. Joffrey complains about having to walk to the Tower of the Hand to get briefing. Tywin climbs up to the throne, towers over the boy king and casually declares he could have Joffrey carried over if he likes.

Danaerys wants the city of Yunkai to give up all their slaves, despite their gifts of gold and ships. Her dragons did not appreciate it when the Yunkai rep complained and even threatened their mother.

The title of this episode refers to the "affectionate" relationship between Jamie Lannister and Lady Brienne. There is this bear fight you simply have got to see to believe!

In other events, good news comes to Robb Stark from wife Talisa, but is there also good news for Winterfell? Sansa and Margaery talk about being married to Tyrion, as Tyrion fails to convince Shae of his real love. Theon woke up to a fantasy threesome, only to get jolted to reality by an "alteration". Ygritte confirms she wants to live with Jon Snow, even as a jealous wildling Orell tries to disuade her. The Scarlet Witch reveals to Gendry who his real father is. Arya impulsively gets mad at the Brotherhood for letting Gendry go and runs away, only to get captured by the Hound.

Episode 8 "Second Sons"

The highlight of this episode is the very awkward wedding of the imp Tyrion Lannister and 14-year old Sansa Stark. Of course, that ever-smirking King Joffrey could not help his sadistic self in getting in the way of the proceedings. Tyrion threatens his nephew with a "wooden d**k" and gets away with it. Meanwhile, his sister Cersei practically declares war on the Tyrells, threatening Margaery and rebuffing Loras.

Any scene with Danaerys is a highlight of any episode, especially when we see ALL of her (a spectacle we had not seen since S01E01). She encounters a bunch of mercenaries called the Second Sons, led by a leering misogynistic Mero, and his sidekicks Prendhal and Daario. Daario gets picked to assassinate Danaerys, but we see that this young Michael Bolton-lookalike has other heads he plans to chop.

Stannis releases his old friend Davos from the dungeon. I guess he realizes he needs sounder advice. The Scarlet Witch uses ALL of her feminine wiles to seduce Gendry to get his "King's Blood" using leeches as syringes. Stannis dedicates the leeches to Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey Baratheon as he throws these leeches in the fire.

In the first scene, Arya almost gets to kill the Hound, but did not. He reveals that he is going to bring her back to her family during her Uncle Edmure's wedding to one of the Frey girls. For money of course. 

In the final scene, Samwell Tully and Gilly try to build a fire in an abandoned cabin and name her son. Outside, a murder of crows caws like crazy, announcing the arrival of a White Walker. Samwell somehow gets the courage to kill the frozen zombie with his blade as it approached Gilly and the baby.  Then all the crows fly up and chase Sam and Gilly running away.

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