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Even before the show itself, the first wonder you will see is the awesome new theater!  KAOS is being staged at the huge Newport Performing Arts Theater (NPAT) of Resorts World Manila for six months (starting December 1, 2010).  The 1,500 seat theater features state-of-the-art technology lighting, sound system and the largest Euro LED wall ever built in the Philippines, serving as a 3D backdrop. The luxurious seats are very comfortable.  The wide-screens on each side have very crisp images.

The high-tech sets and intricate costumes are incredibly ornate, elaborate and out-of-this-world.  You will indeed forget you are in Manila.  No costs were spared in staging this production.  Each peso well-spent is clearly evident in the richly impressive look of the stage.

There is a simple love story that serves as the backdrop of the whole show.  A lonely prince seeks his dream girl from the future through a mysterious time portal. The guy who played  Prince Walter yesterday afternoon had a very strong voice during his solos, in songs like"Where is Love?" (from "Oliver") and "Somebody to Love" (by Queen). Unfortunately, I did not catch his name. The role of the prince was usually played by Philippine Idol finalist Gian Magdangal. The big revelation for me though is Martha Joy who plays Princess Giselle.  Her crystal clear voice is very strong as she is beautiful and statuesque.  A scheming court advisor Sir Gordon (a hilariously maniacal Joel Trinidad) tries his darndest to thwart the prince's plans.

Ok, the script of this love story is admittedly old hat and cheesy. However, cleverly integrated into the love story are the various amazing acrobatics, astonishing magic tricks and death-defying stunts from acts all over the world, all of whom enthralled the audience as they performed on stage. 

My kids all had their own favorites among the acts.  My daughter's favorite was the breath-taking "Human Time Machine" from Colombia.  Even I could not help but audibly gasp as this duo did never-before seen stunts which necessitated balance and precision on both ends of a huge revolving structure.  My second son's favorite were the fascinating magical illusions of  Enrique Polo from Spain, who was also the trainer of the beautiful white tiger Sito and the majestic white lion Kaos.  The speed at which his sexy female assistants appeared and disappeared was jaw-dropping.  My youngest son favored the very exciting "Cycle of Life" by motorcycle daredevils from Spain and Brazil.  I had already seen an act like this before in a similar stage extravaganza in Seoul.  But the excitement of the act does not diminish as we see these motorcycles cross each other inside a giant sphere.  

Another crowd favorite was the "Power Duo," a pair of very flexible muscle-bound men from Belarus who regaled the crowd with their feats of strength and balancing.  There was also this incredible man and woman from China called "Defying Gravity," who epitomized strength and grace while suspended from a purple ribbon in Cirque de Soliel style.  The music was provided by the Manila Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Mr. Jed Balsamo.  The award-winning Philippine All-Stars provide hiphop dance support.

At the end of the show, audiences get the opportunity to take pictures with Sito the white tiger, maximum of 4 people per picture, P600 for one picture, P1000 for two shots.

I would say that this is a stage production of unprecedented opulence and scope in the Philippines.  It is well worth the admission price which range from P2,888 at the VIP section to P998 at the Upper Balcony.  Shows are scheduled from Wednesdays to Sundays. According to the website, shows on April 6, 13, 20, 27 and May 4, 11, 18 and 25 are already sold out!  Do try to catch this very special show.  Less than two more months to go before its final curtain.

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