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Silveradyo: DZMM 25th Anniversary Concert

December 17, 2011

One Tuesday afternoon while stuck in traffic in the car, I decided to send in a text to DZMM to try to win tickets to watch their 25th Anniversary Concert on December 17, 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum.  I knew my parents would surely enjoy to watch their favorite DZMM announcers live in concert, especially Ted Failon.  Quite unexpectedly, my name was called -- the last to be announced by Jobert Sucaldito that hour.  I got the tickets from the Public Service Center 2 days later.  I was rather disappointed to note we only got General Admission tickets, but thankful just the same, since these tickets were not for sale.

It was drizzling in Cubao when my parents and I arrived a little before 5pm.  I was surprised to see that the Araneta Coliseum was not teeming with people as I was expecting. There was not even a very long line up there in Gen Ad.  We filled up raffle coupons before we headed for the doors, however we were not yet admitted because they were still having their sound checks.  So we stood there in line for about another hour before we were finally allowed to enter at past 6pm.  We chatted with other DZMM fans there while waiting, some coming as far as Naic, Cavite and Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  After picking a nice spot in Gen Ad, we were told that we were all going to be sent down to occupy Upper Box B instead!  We were so fortunate to have gotten chairs smack in the center, right on the first row. 

By 7pm, Traffic Angels Bea and Raki came out to start the ball rolling with some easy trivia questions with give-aways to lucky people in the orchestra section.  Only about 730 did the concert proper begin. The orchestra and side orchestra areas were not full.  Our Upper Box B area was also not full.  The Gen Ad area was not used.  Only the Lower Box and the Upper Box A areas can be called full.

1.  A 70s disco dance number featuring Ariel Ureta, Jun Banaag, Cory Quirino, and Winnie Cordero among others.  Ms. Winnie was a trooper even as she slipped and fell on the floor on their final pose. 
2.  A medley of modern Tagalog Christmas songs, featuring Guji Lorenzana, Christian Bautista and Jed Madela with a number of female talents led by Bernadette Sembrano, Kaye Dacer, Nina Corpuz and Jazmine Romero.  (VIDEO)
3.  A very energetic modern dance number led by Gabs Valenciano along with Gretchen Fullido, the Traffic Angels and the very popular DJ Chacha.  (VIDEO) A number of male reporters also joined in.
4.  A great medley of telenovela themes by the one and only Gary Valenciano. (VIDEO)
5.  Another solo spot number of Angeline Quinto singing some Tagalog songs, like "Mahiwaga" among others. (VIDEO)
6.  A comedy and song number featuring Melai Cantiveros, Kiray, Ambet Nabus, Onse, Ahwel Paz and Gus Abelgas!

7.  Another medley of modern English Christmas songs featuring DJ Richard Enriquez, Carl Balita, Vic de Leon Lima and Alex Santos with a couple of female singers. (VIDEO)
8.  An uncharacteristically listless and dry song number by a great-looking Karylle. (VIDEO)
9.  A song and rap number featuring Randy Santiago with Dos Por Dos anchors, Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja. (VIDEO)
10.  A standards medley featuring boss Peter Musngi with Ms. Rachel Alejandro. (VIDEO)
11.  The announcement of Mr. Musngi about the coming confirmed return of Ms. Korina Sanchez to radio.  Of course, Korina came out to be interviewed, but not sing or dance.
12.  A medley of power ballads by Jovit Baldovino and Mr. Ted Failon. (VIDEO) Jovit disappointed with his terrible pronunciation, invented lyrics and an off-key ad lib because of inability to reach a high note.  Mr.Ted of course is cool and collected in his brown leather jacket.
13.  Finale with the three female belters singing the DZMM theme song, with Angeline Quinto drastically and un-artistically dropping one full octave when she reached the chorus, two times!  The rest of the radio talents joined in at the end, marking the end of the concert.

There were a couple of breaks where raffle draws were held to give away several prizes in cash and kind (scholarships, business packages, and appliances).  We did not win any. :-(  The entire concert ended by 930pm, just about 2 hours in total duration.  Disappointed that some major radio names were not there like Kabayan Noli de Castro, Karen Davila, Julius Babao, Pinky Webb, Alvin Elchico and Lynda Jumilla were not there.  Expected guest Ms. Ai Ai delas Alas also did not show up.  Overall though, we all had a pretty good family bonding time together while watching this concert, while seeing in person the voices we hear on the radio everyday.

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