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Catching Up on "Game of Thrones" Season Two (Part 3 of 4)

May 25, 2012
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Recap of Episodes 3, 4 and 5 are posted HERE.

Episode 6:  The Old Gods and the New
Winterfell is caught completely unaware by the attack and occupation of Theon Greyjoy and his crew of the Sea Bitch.  Completely possessed by blind power-hunger and pride and unmindful of cooler heads, Theon also mercilessly executes close Stark friend Rodrick by savagely decapitating him himself!
Arya's stint as Tywin Lannister's cupbearer is thrown into a loop by the sudden appearance of Petyr Baelish to negotiate.  Knowing Baelish will recognize her, Arya wisely hid her face in the shadows whenever she served him wine at the table.  You do get the feeling he knows its her, but he does not let on.  Later on, she gets caught by a Tywin lieutenant named Amory Lorch sneaking a note with Robb's name on it out of the council room.  While being chased, Arya sought out and found Jaqem. Before Amory could report anything,, he falls over with a dart in his neck in front of Tywin.

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 Jon Snow is left by his fellow Night Watchmen to execute a captive female wildling named Ygritte.  Of course, he could not bring himself to doing the dastardly deed.  He takes her prisoner instead.  Strangely that night, he spoons with her to keep warm and the girl is bent on seducing him.  
The other big event of this episode is the mutiny on the streets of Kings Landing which erupted when someone threw feces on Joffrey's face while he was walking.  Sansa Stark almost lost her virginity or her life to some hooligans if not for the timely intercession of The Hound.  This melee is very violent indeed with limbs being pulled off people and intestines popping out of torsos!
Back in Winterfell, Theon (as expected) succumbs to the seduction of wench Osha.  The girl though had other ideas.  As Theon slept, she snuck out to help the two Stark kids (Bran and Rickon) and their Dire Wolves escape.
Meanwhile in Qarth, Daenerys Targaryen was rebuffed by the snotty Spice King for her request to use his boats.  On her way back to her quarters at the end, she found her retinue massacred, and worst of all, all three of her dragons were missing!

Episode 7:  A Man Without Honor
This must be the quieter episodes of GoT this season.  There was more talk than action.
Theon wakes up and discovers Osha's treachery, desperately sends his men and hounds to track down the fugitives.
In the White Wastes, Jon Snow is constantly being mocked for his vow of chastity by his captive wench Ygritte, with very provocative language.  With Jon irritated and distracted, Ygritte was again able to escape, this time to the safety of her own people, who now have their weapons trained on Jon.
The Arya Stark/Tywin Lannisters scenes are really my favorite parts of the show.  Tywin notices that Arya's language and knowledge of history betray her alleged humble origins as a daughter of a mere commoner.  He confesses he likes her, but I wonder if he suspects who she really is.
In Kings Landing, Sansa just had her first period.  With her big size, I thought she already had it before.  She tries to hide this fact from the Queen Regent, but in vain.  Cersei advises her sensitively about her son.  Cersei also confesses to Tyrion her inability to control her son.

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In Qarth, Danaerys confronts the Thirteen about the loss her dragons.  In a most unexpected twist, the weirdo Pyat Pree multi-cloned himself and slashes the necks of the others in the Thirteen, except Xaro who now declares himself King of Qarth.  Pyat tells Danaerys that her dragons are in his House of the Undying.  Looking forward to what that place looks like.
Jamie Lannister attempts to escape, and did not think twice about killing his own cousin to do it.  However, he gets recaptured and everyone in the Stark camp wants to kill him.  Catelyn steps up to quell her people's thirst for Lannister blood, knowing his value as a bargaining chip.  In return, Jamie hatefully taunts Catelyn about Ned's infidelity.
In the final scene back in Winterfell, Theon shocks everyone by raising a couple of burnt corpses of little boys.  Are these really the charred bodies of the Stark boys?

Episode 8:  The Prince of Winterfell
If I called the last episode quiet, this is an even quieter one.  This episode is basically a set-up for the big battles about to be waged in Episode 9, the penultimate episode of the season.  We would hear plans of battles that Tywin Lannister will launch on Robb Stark, and that Stannis Baratheon will launch on the cavalier, crazy and sadistic King Joffrey.  
As the Hand at Kings Landing, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) gets a lot of dramatic ad interesting moments in this episode in his scenes with his sister Cersei, his whore Shae and the eunuch Varys.  Emmy-winning Best Supporting Actor Dinklage will be a shoo-in again for Emmy nominations next season, but this time he will be going for Best Actor.

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Theon Greyjoy is caught in a bind as he stupidly prides in occupying Winterfell and killing the two youngest Stark boys, but meets the disapproval of his sister Yara.  Yara reminds him that Winterfell is too much inland to be of any interest to his band of pirates on the Sea Bitch.
It was very surprising to learn that Catelyn Stark had actually sent Jamie Lannister (with the help of Brienne) back to King's Landing in an effort to get her daughters back.  When Robb learns what his mother did, he grounds her.  However, we do not really know what Catelyn have at the back of their minds when she did this treasonous act.  Depressed Robb gets cheered up by the beautiful medicine woman Talisa and he was not able to resist the temptation to bed her.
When Tywin left to attack Robb, Arya was able to convince Jaque to help her escape Harrenhal together with Gendry and their fat friend.  They were amazingly able to just walk out of the gates with the grisly arrangement set by Jaque.
We only get a short scene in Qarth where Joram talk about leaving the place.  Danaerys would not think about leaving without her dragons.  So I guess we will be seeing the inside of this mysterious House of the Undying next episode.  
The final scene of this episode was a letdown.  I sort of knew those charred bodies could not have bee the Stark boys, and this suspicion was proved right.


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