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The American Idol Season 11 Finale Results Show: My Personal Recap

May 23, 2012

This was the most awaited AI Finale Results Show for the Philippines because of the presence of Fil-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez in the Final 2.  She does look more Pinay than Mexican, and she sings the favorite Filipino style of singing, "BIRIT"!  The other Top 2 contender is guitar-toting vanilla singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips.

To open the show, the Top 12 Idols of this season (minus the final 2) came out all in white singing "Runaway Baby." Really, this all-white outfit theme had been done before.  No new ideas?  Joshua had a stumble in one of his dance moves, but lucky nothing seriously hurt but his pride.  After the number, Ryan came out to announce the record 132M votes cast for this final.  Are the votes from the Philippines for Jessica included there or not?

Phillip Phillips duets with John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival for a couple of CCR's hits "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" and "Black Moon Rising."  This forgettable number shows how limited PP's career path will be.  Folk rock is simply NOT current.

Third placer Joshua Ledet then had a scream-fest with "the biggest inspiration in his life" Fantasia Barrino, singing Elton John's "Take Me to the Pilot".  Too shrill and screamy for my taste. 

The string of outtakes where Jimmy Iovine keeps on saying the name "Jessica" instead of "Jennifer" to refer to JLo was really funny.  But JLo's reaction at the end seemed insincere.

The ladies of the top 12 came out singing "Aint Nobody (Does It Better)", then "Through the Fire" and "I'm Every Woman".  Elise and Erika were really awesome singers,  too bad this would be their last number on the Idol stage for the night.  Ms. Chaka Khan came out shaking her generous bootie clad in a brown bodysuit.  She can still swing it and hit those notes!

Current star Rihanna peformed an indulgent solo number for a song "Where Have You Been." Next please.  I think guests in this finale should really share the spotlight with an Idol.

Fifth placer Skylar Laine got her turn to perform a duet with the senior artist she had been compared to for the whole season, Ms. Reba MacEntire, now simply called Reba.  Their song "Turn On the Radio" was as sprightly as the two performers were.

We got a glimpse inside Steven Tyler's "Love Shack".  He has Playboy bunnies in there as well as a sloth. A real rock star.

Jessica Sanchez was given a solo spot to relive the magic that was her version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

The guys of the Top 12 came out singing "Coming to America," then "Cracklin Rosie" and "I'm a Believer."  Of course that means Neil Diamond is also in the house!  He came out speak-singing "Sweet Caroline."  Disappointing.

Randy Jackson was given a spoof tribute for coming up with his ubiquitous comment "You can sing the phone book" with the top 12 singing ads and numbers from a phone book.  Sorry, that was lame.  I thought I heard Paula Abdul say those words first though.

JLo performed two songs.  One in her cool hiphop persona "I'm Going In" and the other in her hot Latina persona "Follow the Leader."  Can't wait to see her live in November!

In an unprecedented surprise, Ryan calls on past Idol finalists Ace Young (Season 5) and Diana de Garmo (Season 3 runner-up to Fantasia) onstage with him.  They had been in a relationship since being together in the Broadway production of "Hair" (which probably explains Ace's very long tresses.  Getting on his knees, Ace proposes marriage to Diana right there on the Idol stage (with some pretty cliche words, hehe), and she accepts. Ok now, romantic drama over, carry on.

Fourth placer Hollie Cavanagh gets her number singing "You'll Never Walk Alone."  She introduces her duet partner Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks.  Good diva duet, but that was a rather unimpressive choice of duet partner.  Why Jordin?  It was not explained.

Ryan mentions the recent passing of Robin Gibb.  The Top 12 boys again takes the stage to sing Bee Gees songs "How Deep is Your Love", "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" and finally "To Love Somebody" featuring the heavy-handed singing of Joshua Ledet.  Unfair for the girls though, who only went onstage twice.  I guess AI had to make the female fans happy.

In the CRAZIEST duet of the night, the original Dreamgirl diva Jennifer Holliday shares the stage with Jessica to sing a duet version of "And I Am Telling You."  And I am telling you, that Jennifer Holliday is scary crazy wild!

Ryan announced Aerosmith!  It was very good to see Steven Tyler again with the rest of his band.  They performed two songs, "Legendary" and "Walk This Way."  Ageless Tyler shows them how to do it.

As the two hour show winds up, Jessica and Phillip share the stage together for a duet "Up Where We Belong".  Their voices do not really mesh too well together.  After the number, Ryan calls them to join him, and, without a commercial break, it was on with the results!

Ryan announces that PHILLIP PHILLIPS had won the 11th Season of American Idol!  So in the tradition of the last four seasons, after David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze and Scottie McCreery, yet another WGWG had won AI.  I remember reading a comment on a blog when the Top 12 was revealed how they can already declare PP as the winner even as early as then. He was right!  Phillip was so overcome with emotion after the first verse of his song, he did not finish it at all, and just let the band and his drum corp just play on without him.

I guess all those votes from the Philippines for Jessica were probably invalidated after all.  But I am happy for her that she was there for second place, defying all the odds.  No doubt, she also has a promising future ahead of her we are all looking forward to.

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