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The 84th Oscar Ceremony: My Tweets and Comments

February 27, 2012

Glad to see Billy Crystal as emcee again!

It was good to see Billy Crystal again do his initial movie montage about the nominated films.  One memorable clip was that when George Clooney laid a lip smack on Billy (!), spoofing the same scene in "The Descendants."  Also featured in the video were Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise.  
His "Oscar Oscar" song after his opening spiel did not really have too much time to be funny, too rushed I think.  The funniest part was his "What's it all about, Malick?" (to the tune of "Alfie") pertaining to director Terence Malick's nebulous "The Tree of Life" (my review HERE).  For the rest of the show though, Billy was pretty much on the safe side only with his spiels.

Tom Hanks presenting for Best Cinematography: winner is "Hugo." I thought it would be "Tree of Life" for sure!

Hanks again for Art Direction: winner is "Hugo" again. I got that one right, though I really wanted "Midnight in Paris" to win.

At this point, "Hugo" jumps the gun with two wins!  I was not liking the prospect of a Hugo sweep later on.  If you have read my review, you'd know I did not really like this movie.

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz (both looking svelte and beautiful) forCostume Design: winner is The Artist!

J-Lo and Cameron again for Make Up: winner is The Iron Lady. Really? Over Harry Potter?

It turns out J Lo's plunging outfit raised some people's eyes for a supposed wardrobe malfunction.  I think these people are just staring at her breasts too much, they are imagining things.  While I bet on "Hugo" to win Costume, but I am glad it went to "The Artist." Definitely, I thought the work of the Make-Up department in Harry Potter was considerably more difficult than making Meryl Streep look like Mrs. Thatcher.

Sandra Bullock for Foreign Language film: A Separation! As it should!

This is a worthy winner even though I had only seen this out of the five nominees. My review was posted HERE.  The winning Iranian director Ashgar Fahnadi made a political statement with his call to "despise hostility and resentment."

Christian Bale for Best Supporting ActressOctavia Spencer wins as predicted! But I was rooting for Jessica Chastain.

Standing O for Octavia!

Octavia was a shoo-in to win based on the pre-Oscar awardings .  Yet, she still was very emotional because of her win.  I don't know why the audience accorded this new actress a standing ovation.  While I bet on Octavia, I really felt though that her co-star Ms. Jessica Chastain SHOULD have really won.  My review of "The Help" is posted HERE.

Tina Fey (with a big bun) and Bradley Cooper (with a mustache) for Film Editingwinner is Dragon Tattoo! Great choice!

Tina and Bradley for Sound EditingHugo. Meh.

Tina and Bradley again for Sound Mixing (how's that different from Sound Editing?): Hugo AGAIN!

I also bet on "Dragon Tattoo" for sound, but it did not win.  I posted my review for that David Fincher film HERE.  I did not really think too much of Sound when I watched "Hugo". I thought it was more of a Visual film experience, rather than Aural.

Kermit and Piggy intro a Cirque du Soleil type number about movie watching. Of course with another movie montage in the background.

Standing O for the amazing Cirque number! Very daring acrobats.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. for Documentaries: funny fighting on stage! Winner is "Undefeated", about football.

Ok that was not really "fighting" but I could not think of another word while tweeting.  It was a faux argument by the two presenters made to look like they were filming a gritty documentary called "The Presenter". A tad uncomfy, but I found it funny.  

Whoops! Documentary winner dropped an F bomb during his excited acceptance.

I heard this young man had already apologized for cursing on worldwide TV.

Chris Rock presenting for Animated Feature: hilarious for saying how black people could voice donkeys and zebras. Rango won as expected.

Chris Rock says the work of voice talents are an easy buck.  I found it funny, and I gather, so did a lot others who are starting a campaign to get him as the next Oscar host. I heard voice talents are not amused though.  I still could not get over the snub of Adventures of Tintin in this category.  My review of Tintin is postedHERE.  My review of winner Rango is posted HERE.  I did not expect how Gore Verbinski looked like onstage.  I expected someone who looked more bohemian.

Ben Stiller and Emma Stone (savoring her first time as presenter) for Visual Effect: Hugo yet again! I preferred Apes and HP.

Emma Stone was really funny while she was in that "Anne Hathaway"-excited mode, while Stiller is the dour straight man here.  Liked her poking fun on Stiller's previous Oscar stints wearing embarrassing outfits, like his Avatar costume.  

Melissa Leo presents Best Supporting ActorChristopher Plummer wins his first Oscar at age of 82! Standing O!

Looking at Oscar, Plummer quipped "You are only two years older than me, darling! Where have you been all my life?"  Plummer became the oldest actor to ever win an Oscar.  An award for Max Von Sydow (also 82) would have been great too.

Billy Crystal reads minds of actors in the audience. Funny about Morgan Freeman and the Emperor Penguins. LOL!

This comedy bit fell flat most of time.  It is either the gimmick was too old, or Billy Crystal needs better writers.

Penelope Cruz and Owen Wilson presents Original Musical Score: winner isThe Artist! My prediction wins!

Two of the most annoying actors Will Ferrell and Zach Galifiankis present for Best Song. Two unmemorable nominees only. "Man or Muppets" win.

Hearing snippets of the nominated songs, I understood why there were no production numbers based on these very unremarkable songs.  

Original Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Angelina Jolie presents for Adapted Screenplay, sticking out her right leg from her long black gown: winner is The Descendants! Great!

Jolie again for Original Screenplay: winner is Woody Allen!!! As it should be.

Angelina Jolie created quite a moment by presenting while sexily sticking her right leg out of her gown for everyone to see.  It was hilarious the way the winning writers of The Descendants were spoofing her pose during their acceptance speech.  I posted my review of The Descendants HERE.

Mila Jovovich presents the Technical Awards this year.

Bridesmaid stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph present Live Action Shortwith a lot of naughty double entendres: winner is The Shore.

Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy present Documentary Short Subject: winner is Saving Face.

Animated Short Film: winner is Fantastic Flying Books.

I still do not know who those last two "Bridesmaids" were who presented the Animated Short Film category.

Michael Douglas ( looking NOT sick at all) presents Best Director to Michel Hazanavicius of The Artist!

Meryl Streep presents the Governors AwardeesOprah Winfrey (Jean Herscholt Humanitarian), James Earl Jones and make-up artist Dick Smith.

In Memoriam segment. A girl with a big Afro sings "What a Wonderful World". Very solemn.

I knew it! That was Esperanza Spalding who sang in the In Memoriam segment.  I did not recognize her right away because she did not play her bass.  She sang this song very well indeed!  Elizabeth Taylor, Sydney Lumet, Cliff Robertson and Jane Russell were the notable names on this list this year.

Natalie Portman was too cheesy as she introduces Best Actor nominees. Winner is Jean Dujardin for the Artist!

George Clooney's prediction on the red carpet was correct.  The winner did speak French!  I do wonder how this guy would fare in Hollywood after the novelty of "The Artist" eventually wears off.  Shades of F. Murray Abraham?

Colin Firth presents Best Actress: winner is Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady!!!

Streep was so funny when she said something like "Every home in America is thinking, why is HER again?!"  Haha!  She was also very gracious thanking her husband first, then her makeup artist who also won an Oscar tonight.  This is actually Streep's first Oscar since 1982! My review of "The Iron Lady" is posted HERE. Everyone thought Viola Davis (who was supporting a very short afro, and looking very sophisticated in her emerald gown) was a shoo-in to win this category, but they were wrong.

Dapper Tom Cruise presents the final award for Best Picture: and the winner is THE ARTIST!

I was happy it did not go to "Hugo".  Haha!  This was the only other silent film to win Best Picture since "Wings" in the first Academy Awards ceremony back in 1929. Good to see the wonder dog Uggie onstage carried by Dujardin.  I posted my review of "The Artist" HERE.

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